Category: Projects

Young Scot Rewards

Arrivo Consulting has been commissioned to provide support to Young Scot to evaluate the Young Scot Rewards programme: a scheme to encourage young people to engage in positive activities and behaviour change through gathering points which can be redeemed for rewards. It uses ‘gaming’ principles to encourage participation.

The evaluation will evidence the impact of participating on young people, on participating organisations, and at the strategic level.

Creative Futures

Arrivo Consulting is providing evaluation support to evaluate Europe’s largest artists’ residency programme. Creative Scotland’s 'Creative Futures' programme supports residencies which promote the professional development, vision, connectivity and ambitions of Scotland’s creative practitioners and organisations.

The programme will deliver over 1000 residencies in Scotland and abroad that span all art forms. The evaluation seeks to be able to identify the outcomes for artists, arts organisations and for art forms from this diverse portfolio. The work programme will is compare and contrast outcomes across this diverse portfolio and to identify lessons which will inform future policy and practice.

Glasgow Disability Alliance

Glasgow Disability Alliance provides learning opportunities for disabled people. GDA has over 3,000 members most of which have engaged in some learning activities. GDA commissioned Arrivo Consulting to develop an evaluation framework and monitoring system which would enable then to record activity levels (numbers of people participating) but also to log progressions and outcomes for individuals. The monitoring and evaluation system will enable GDA to report on its outcomes to its funder, but also to identify how GDA activity achieves wider outcomes for disabled people.

Cashback for Creativity

Creative Identities is a three year programme offering high quality film, music, and dance opportunities to young people across Scotland. It is funded by the Scottish Government’s CashBack for Communities programme, investing the proceeds of crime back into communities to benefit Scotland’s young people. Arrivo Consulting has been commissioned to support the evaluation of this national programme. We will be working with delivery partners to ensure that evidence of the impact of the project on participating young people is gathered.