Sara Daniels

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Sara Daniels 



Sara Daniels is a consultant with Arrivo Consulting Ltd with extensive experience in research and evaluation. 

Sara has significant experience in reviewing and evaluating a range of programmes and partnerships, and has been involved in gathering quantitative and qualitative evidence to support evaluations in a number of fields. She has extensive experience in qualitative research techniques and has carried out interviews and consultations with statutory, voluntary and community based organisations. 

Sara has particular skills in carrying out interviews and focus groups with people who have participated in regeneration programmes and has experience of interviewing young people, women returners, people involved in community regeneration, people in the criminal justice system etc.

Sara has extensive experience in information analysis, including experience in collating and analysing quantitative and qualitative data and in producing information in an easy to understand format.

She has developed systems for collecting and recording monitoring information and has supported a number of our clients to develop IT solutions to record and analyse information. 

Evaluation experience 

Sara has specific experience in carrying out programme level evaluations of a number of investment programmes, including: 

Sara’s role in these evaluations has included reviewing and analysis of quantitative data (monitoring reports and other project data) and creation of qualitative evidence through, interviewing key stakeholders, partners and participants.  She has extensive experience of carrying out interviews and consultations with statutory, voluntary and community based organisations. This work includes creating questionnaires and proformas to gather responses from groups ranging from academics to young offenders; carrying out face to face and telephone interviews; and analysing and reporting on the results of research.

She has also been involved in the dissemination of research findings through press releases, event management, and online media.

Sara also manages a number of technical areas internally, including website development, online surveys, database building, and information analysis.

Sara also has extensive experience in planning and programme development and has supported clients to develop new projects and activities. She is an experienced fund-raiser, supporting organisations to identify appropriate funding sources and to write successful funding bids. She also has experience in management of European funding, and advises clients on development of recording systems to ensure compliance.